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Why A Great Performance Horse Quits

Repeat After Me: When A Good Horse Suddenly Quits Working-SOMETHING IS WRONG! I’ve never come across a good performance horse who’s been working hard, then suddenly quits without having a darn good reason for it.  Horses will work through a lot, especially the good ones. But when they’ve reached their limit, something’s gotta give.  How else are they going to


Managing Stress & Anxiety In Your Horses

How Previous Trauma Can Affect Horses Let’s talk about the importance of understanding and addressing the long-term effects of trauma in horses. Trauma can have significant impacts on a horse’s overall health and well-being. When a horse experiences trauma, it can disrupt the functioning of various biological systems that play a role in regulating stress, fear, and anxiety. These include things

7 Signs Your Horse May Be In Pain & What You Can Do About It

Horses are incredibly stoic animals, which can make it difficult for their owners to tell when they are in pain. However, it is important to pay attention to your horse’s behavior and body language, as chronic pain can have serious negative effects on their overall health and well-being. Here are the top 7 signs to look out for that may

The Equine Brain

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves The Equine Brain vs The Human Brain – Equine Stress Read Here

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The Difference Between Life & Death

The Cortisol Conundrum Stress: Not Just a Human Problem “Stress is good on the plains of Africa if you’re running from a lion, but I can’t think of any other reason stress would be good for a horse,” said Scott Swerdlin, DVM, MRCVS, of Palm Beach Equine Medical Centers in Wellington, Fla. “You want to do everything you can to decrease stress.”

The Hidden Enemy

Equine Ulcers and the Risks of Ashwagandha Did you know that a staggering 60% to 90% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers? Yes, you read that right! These silent saboteurs can drastically affect your horse’s health, performance, and quality of life. Check out the chart below to see the estimated percentage of horses with ulcers that relate to your